The kitchen: no, so scary!

Dealing with the kitchen is not as challenging or dangerous as it seems to be for some people. I feel very sad when I know that a blind person is scared to use the stove to cook, or to use the knife to make some salad. For me, this is not acceptable and unjustifiable especially if we need to be independent and live our lives as anybody else does. Don’t take me wrong thinking that this post is for females, it is not the intention at all. Every single blind person should be acquainted with the kitchen, at least he / she should be familiar with the basics.
Some blind individuals are scared to use the stove, they think it is dangerous. It may be dangerous if you are not careful enough and you are not sure about your safety, however, if you take it step by step, you will be fine.

How can you overcome this scary feeling?
First, you should know that nobody will serve you, if you have somebody now to do the job for you, that person may not be available at a certain time. Some of them say to me, no problem we can deliver. Aha, you can do this if you really have enough money for 3 meals a day, 90 meals a month, 1080 meal per year. This is in case you don’t have any dependent that needs to eat too. I think it is crazy to deliver all the time like this.
You also sometimes want to eat something that is not being delivered in your area, or if you live overseas and you miss your home food.
In addition, other people already do it and they are still a live; so why not you!
Many blind individuals cook very well. They also can give you nice techniques about handling different issues of cooking, or organizing their kitchen.
I still think that this is the responsibility of the family to teach their blind children to deal with the kitchen. Even if your child is blind, he / she shouldn’t be pampered and become lazy and dependent!