When you lose a dear one

Today, I got this bad news that a very close blind friend of mine lost her mother. It was really terrible news. The mother was sick for more than 8 months. When I heard this news, I recalled every single moment I went through when I lost my father last December. My friend was the best one to alleviate my pain, and provide a great support to heal my wounds.

Days ago, I was talking to another blind friend who lost her mother last year, she was sad because her father is not as helpful and caring as her mom used to be. We ended up crying for losing our dear loved ones. Those sad moments are repetitive in our lives.

Our dear ones, particularly parents, play vital role in the life of a blind person. All successful blind have a story to tell you about their relationship withtheir mother or father. parents are sometimes the eyes which blind people use to see through, they are their window to the world. I was blessed by having a great parents who encouraged me all the time to be something. If I achieved anything in my life, all gratitude will be for my parents.

I don’t know what to say. May God bless our parents whether they passed away or they are still with us. That’s another reason why parents should teach their blind children to be as independent as they can. so at least they can be a bit prepared to such moment and their pain won’t become doubled because of losing you , and because they were so dependent on you.


Blind women and Menstruation: why and how?

Continuing with the female conversation, and after we talked about applying makeup as a blind woman, I found it a good introduction to speak about that thing that every female has to experience at a certain time in her life on a monthly basis – her monthly period. . I am sorry if the topic seems to be disgusting for some of you; when I thought about start blogging, I decided to discuss anything and everything I find it related to the blind life.

One day, a blind friend went to a doctor for checkup, she was worried because she reached 16 and she didn’t get her period at all. Our great doctor was wondering why she tought about such thing. Why does she need to get her period? He made it as if why you are worried about being a woman. What a dare! Do you ever think that you can experience all the stages of womanhood, to get your period, to have a relation, to get married, or to be a mother?

Horrible, huh? What a terrible feeling when you are deprived of your right to be even a female or a woman! Unfortunately, this is the bitter inescapable reality we have to face on daily basis when we have to deal with somebody who is supposedly speaking well-educated, but he / she has such shocking attitudes against blind people, particularly, women.

O my God! Are those creatures like us? Do they go through the same things we experience in our lives? So how do they deal with such issues, poor thing they can’t see! Definitely we should not ask them, it may be embarrassing for them to answer our questions.

You know what? The problem is that some sighted people can’t think beyond the fact that they can use their eyes. They can’t imagine their lives without it. Many women wonder how a blind woman knows that she is getting her period. I actually googled the issue to see who talked about it before but I barely found something about this issue although believe me it is a very common question so I thought perhaps I would take this brave movement to discuss such sensitive issue.

My answer to those people will be in a form of questions. Don’t you ever feel fatigue? Or pain when you are getting your period? Don’t you feel anything coming out of your body at all? Don’t you ever feel more emotional when it is approaching? Can’t you know at least its approximate date during the month?

Answering those questions is enough to understand how blind women know when she is getting her period. So, how can she know if there is a stain in her clothes?

Let us be honest and say that it may happen with any woman, however, of course since we agreed before that sighted people are always right, if it happens for a blind woman, it will be interpreted that because she is a blind woman, she is poor thing, she can’t take care of herself. On the other hand, if this occurs to a sighted woman, yeah it is normal, don’t worry about it, it sometimes happens. I never hated anything in my life more than this way of judging and evaluating any situation in which a blind person is involved. I am not saying that blind people are angels or they are always right too but what I am saying is that we should try to understand the logic of everything we do.

My final advice to my blind female friends is to be careful! Don’t put your pad on until you are in an embarrassing situation. Try to be ready even 1 or two days before its right day to get it. Try not to wear bright colors during those days if possible, or if you are not sure about yourself. Mothers should give such advice to her daughter even if she is sighted so please mom, your blind daughter also needs your care and attention.

Centers for the blind

Thanks for those of you who shared their comments with me about my latest post about the daily living skills even if they didn’t write directly here. So what types of services do those centers offer? How can a blind person join those centers? Are they paid services?
It may be a good idea if we try to list some of those centers and organizations in one place so that it becomes somehow faster to find and recognize them.

The Light House International
A leading international organization in rehabilitation and combating vision loss.
Perkins School for the Blind
A friend of mine joined their program and she found it very useful. Perkins school also is well-known for its equipments for the blind.
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
A nationally famous organization for serving the blind all over the states.
Carroll Center For The Blind
The Carroll Center’s Rehabilitation Services Department provides center-based rehabilitation to blind and visually impaired clients ages 15 to 90+.
One of my friends is attending this center at the time of writing this post; he speaks a lot about the high quality of the program.
National Federation for the Blind
A very great advocate for you if you have any legal issues. They also hold conferences, siminars, and workshops tackling blindness issues.
Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss.
Vision Australia
The aim of Vision Australia is to empower the blind individuals in order to create a successful partnership between the blind individuals and the whole society.

It is just an introductory list for the different centers or organizations that serve blind people in the states and other countries. Please feel free to let me know if you wish to add another one here so that all of us can benefit from the services available to us.

Blind Individuals Encountering Sleep Issues

One day, I had this discussion with 2 of my blind friends about the sleep problems that some blind people have, and the difficulty they encounter when they try to adjust to a certain time difference. Imagine how it is painful and torturous thing when you have a kind of disorder in your sleep pattern. All of us know how this can affect our performance and concentration on our work as professionals, or our studies as students. I decided to ask more about the problem and Google it to see if it is a real or it is nothing more than a discussion between me and my friends.
Surprisingly, I found more than one article and more than one study tackled this issue. In addition to many things a blind person need to cope with in life is this sleep problem. Studies show that some of the completely blind individuals or who don’t have any light perception suffer from a kind of sleep disorder called circadian rhythm disorder. When a normal person gets exposed to light during daytime and darkness at night, the body produces melatonin which stabilizes our normal sleep patterns. Lacking this normal production of melatonin can badly affect the biological clock of the blind who may suffer from sleep problem.

I am actually not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but I found interesting articles tackling this topic so I like to share them with you. Perhaps they can give you more elaboration about what i am trying to say. Sleep Disorders in Blind People is an interesting and easy article, I really recommend you read it.

For those of you who are more interested about the medical aspect of the issue, I also found this more specialized article Sleep Disorders in Blind Patients: News From the Lab, for the Clinic

I don’t want you to understand that all blind people have this problem although it seems that it is some how common. This is also what the studies showed. I just want to share this, it may be important for somebody and of course it is still relevant to the challenges that some blind individuals have to cope with in life.

Yes correct! It is the time to speak up!

“I wish if people treat me as any other normal person.” “I wish if I can get others’ appreciation and respect without the gestures or words of pity and sympathy.” “I wish if others can see beyond the fact that I am blind person.” “Each individual should understand that nobody is perfect and everyone faces various challenges on different levels.”

Listening to those words and experiencing what they convey almost on daily basis stopped me and let me think. Why do we still have those concerns despite the great success achieved by many blind individuals? Why is this bitterness that the blind person feels from time to time despite the tremendous technological progress that empowered him / her much more than before? Why do he / she still lacks confidence despite the various laws and acts that secure his / her right and enable him / her to live an equal life?

If this is the case, why don’t we speak up? Why don’t we share our challenges, dreams, or activities? Perhaps somebody lives in the other part of the world has a solution for one of those problems that we suffer from? Why don’t we speak up about our successful stories to give others a hinter a direction to follow? Why don’t we speak up and address the whole community around us and say hey we are here! We are a vital part of the society, we  can bear several professional, social, and educational duties and perform them efficiently and precisely?

So the whole idea of this blog is to speak up and to express ourselves without limits or boundaries about what motivates us, what hinders us, what we like, what we don’t like, how do we do this or that?

I will be happy to receive any suggested topics or comments that in reach the discussion and makes the blog more relevant to everybody.

Before I leave you, Please think positively because positive thinking is your key to success.