When you lose a dear one

Today, I got this bad news that a very close blind friend of mine lost her mother. It was really terrible news. The mother was sick for more than 8 months. When I heard this news, I recalled every single moment I went through when I lost my father last December. My friend was the best one to alleviate my pain, and provide a great support to heal my wounds.

Days ago, I was talking to another blind friend who lost her mother last year, she was sad because her father is not as helpful and caring as her mom used to be. We ended up crying for losing our dear loved ones. Those sad moments are repetitive in our lives.

Our dear ones, particularly parents, play vital role in the life of a blind person. All successful blind have a story to tell you about their relationship withtheir mother or father. parents are sometimes the eyes which blind people use to see through, they are their window to the world. I was blessed by having a great parents who encouraged me all the time to be something. If I achieved anything in my life, all gratitude will be for my parents.

I don’t know what to say. May God bless our parents whether they passed away or they are still with us. That’s another reason why parents should teach their blind children to be as independent as they can. so at least they can be a bit prepared to such moment and their pain won’t become doubled because of losing you , and because they were so dependent on you.

One thought on “When you lose a dear one

  1. i hope this message will get throw to everyone that has a blind child. this is the hey to their success. i really liked this post

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