Matching clothes

As we live in a sighted world, appearances and fashion counts. Being blind or visually impaired doesn’t mean you wear unmatched clothes or weird colors that can’t go together. Lack of eye sight should not prevent you from applying new techniques to achieve this purpose. I often get compliments about how I dress well and match my clothes nicely.
In order to match your clothes, you should be familiar with the basics of matching colors. Even if you can’t see completely, you should know which goes with which. It is always good idea to match bright with dark colors. For example, it is so common to match brown with beige, or blue with aqua. Black color goes with everything. You can wear jeans with all colors too.
In developed countries, agencies and centers for the blind provide systematic instructional programs aiming at teaching the blind how to label and match their clothes.
On the contrary, in developing countries, people with visual impairment rely mostly on intuitions and bits of information they acquire from dedicated sighted people around them. So how do blind people match their clothes?

Some blind people use – devices to detect and identify colors.
These devices range in features and costs.
You can find a review of some of these devices at
I am not sure how accurate those colors identifiers are especially when you have different colors in one piece of clothes.
In addition to this, other blind people use low-cost or no-cost methods to differentiate their clothes.
Some visually impaired differentiate their clothes by style or texture; however, others use color labels and they attach them to their clothes, they are usually removable and they are not affected by the washing-machines.
Some people like to use safety pins to label and identify things like their socks to avoid confusing them. Beads are sometimes used for clothes identification, for instance, every clothes that have two beads match in colors.
Those are some common techniques used for clothes matching and color identification, you can come up with your technique too as blind people are usually creative when it comes to their ways of adaptation.

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