Over protection: The Real Enemy

Education experts always tell us not to over protect our children as it has its own bad consequences on the cognitive intellectual and physical growth of the child. Of course our children are the most valuable treasure we may have so definitely we should be careful and sometimes over protective. The question is to what extent we should do that. I mean how far we can go with over protection. Can we create a balance between overprotecting and totally ignoring our child?
One of the big issues that I noticed that it totally destroys the life of the blind person is this over protection issue. Some mothers deal with their blind child as if he or she is fragile, it easily breaks; sensitive that’s why they try to protect it as possible as they can to avoid damaging this
Fragile glassy thing. What those mothers don’t understand is that they are actually damaging and destroying this valuable treasure they have. Let us explore some types of over protection:
Some parents think that they should keep their children away from the interaction with the outside world. They think it may be stressful or painful to the child if he gets exposed to strangers. it may be so, however, if he doesn’t get engaged in the community where he lives now, I assure you that he / she will never be able to deal with any stressful situation when he / she becomes adult. In fact, you harvest what you plant no more no less. Try to build the confidence in your blind child, try to let him gain confidence in his / her capabilities as a normal person. This will never happen except if you yourself have this confidence that your blind child is a normal one.
Another example is that we should do the daily activities for our child: feed him / her, put on his / her clothes, cleaning and arranging his / her room. Believe me when your child grows up, he / she will never be able to take care of him / herself. They will be pampered and really become disabled and helpless.

Don’t be afraid to teach your blind daughter son to use the stove; don’t be ashamed to introduce your blind child to the society. It is not a matter of why but it is a matter of how, I mean the techniques that you should use for teaching him/her. What a blind child needs is just different way of teaching. For example, instead of see this, you would use hear this, smell this, feel this depending on the thing that you are trying to explain. Remember that most of our children’s experience, they get it actually through observing the sighted people. That’s why you need to be patient and not to give up easily; otherwise you will pay a high price for that later on.


One thought on “Over protection: The Real Enemy

  1. Parents are more protective over their blind children because they feel that their blind child is more vulnerable to things more than their other children. What they fail to understand is that they are as vulnerable as their other children. The most important thing that parents need to learn is that they need to stop being over protective over their blind child and teach them to adapt to the circumstances that they are encountering. By being over protective, parents are teaching their child to be more reliant on others and less independent. And nothing can guaranty that they will always be there for their child.

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