Neglecting your blind child: The opposite extreme

In my previous post, I tried to express my thoughts about over protection and to explain how it is not the best way to go; and it is very important to avoid this extreme. The opposite perspective of this approach is to totally ignore your blind child and consider him / her nothing in the family. One reason is that some people think that a blind child usually has another mental problem so it is hard to work on adjusting his / her behavior. Although it is sometimes true that a blind person may have another mental disability, it is not always the case and we should assume that he / she is normal at the first place. Upon that analysis, nobody tries to correct unacceptable behavior of a blind child assuming that he / she behaves like this because it cannot be fixed. As a result, this blind child grows up with those bad habits. All families should be responsible for this adjustment of the behavior of their blind children.
The blind child may be neglected if there is more than 1 child in the same family. Some parents give more attention to a sighted or a normal child in the family than a blind one. They think that if they give extra care of their sighted child, he / she is the one who will be able to take care of them when they grow older and bear the responsibility of the whole family. This represents an unhealthy environment for the growing of the blind children who may get depressed throughout the stages of their life.
My dear parents, your blind children are an important part of your family. If you take care of them, they will be a great help of you when you grow older.


One thought on “Neglecting your blind child: The opposite extreme

  1. No child should ever be neglected regardless of if they have a disability or not. All children should be treated equally.

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