Aren’t we eve’s daughters too?

I was asked this question by one of the most decent, sensitive, well-educated blind female friends I ever knew. She asked me this question wondering why it is so difficult issue for a blind girl to be loved or to get married. Why is she neglected by everybody whether sighted or even blind men? I don’t have a specific answer to you my dear although I can understand your point very well. Unfortunately this is the truth that blind women are less fortunate when it comes to love and marriage whether this partner is either sighted or even blind. I think blind guys also suffer from this problem, but the ratio is pretty low compared to the blind men and the sighted women. Sighted women are more willing to open towards blind men than sighted men towards blind women. Of course this doesn’t mean that blind women don’t have chances at all but it turned out to be challenging and it needs a lot of sacrifice from her side. It becomes more difficult when this woman is well-educated and beautiful, as if she wants to say, what do I lack so that I don’t have a good opportunity with an equivalent partner?

A blind woman has a choice to make either to stay as she is, or she has to do some kind of sacrifice. For example, she may accept somebody who is not educated, even if she is highly educated. If she has money, most probably she is responsible to pay for the expenses associated with establishing the new house. What a painful feeling when you have to choose to be either nobody, or to pay to be somebody.

For me, who cannot appreciate me as I am, he simply doesn’t deserve me. My dear blind female friend, with all dignity, raise your head to the sky, you have love, caring, understanding, and faithfulness for whoever can only appreciate them. Honestly speaking, the guy also has the right to be with you or with another sighted woman; you can’t force anybody to love you.

Do you know what really drives me crazy when it comes to discussing this issue with sighted people? It is the hypocrisy and lying that they try to use in order to get rid of the discussion as soon as they can. So you may hear something like you are really great, you are more beautiful than many sighted women, you deserve the best person in the world, If you ask them if this mean that they can accept marrying a blind woman or not, you hear things like hmmm, I don’t know, I am not sure, I don’t think this can suit me. This applies on blind men too. We sometimes try to appear more civilized and understanding as long as the issue is very far from our personal interest. I never forget the story of my blind friend when she used to have a sighted girl friend. They were very close, they were like sisters. One day, the sighted friend’s brother saw my blind friend. He liked her so much and decided to marry her. As long as he raised the issue to his family including his sighted sister, the whole family started to put their curse on the poor girl. The closest friend now has become the fiercest enemy. The girl had to deal with a flow of insults to the extent that one of her relatives picked the phone and said to them that their son is the one who was running after her and they should deal with him far from the poor girl. The guy insisted on his choice and got married to the girl. Believe me that until now and after more than 3 or 4 years, and even after being a successful mother for two kids, his family still wishes if she doesn’t exist on earth. What if you get married to a sighted woman only just for being sighted and you discover later that she is not suitable. What if you get married to a very good person and she lost her sight after marriage, will you leave her? I don’t have an answer for your question my dear friend, but I suppose that people should be measured based on their qualities, not based on something that they can’t choose or have control on.


One thought on “Aren’t we eve’s daughters too?

  1. Very good post. Could have not put it any better. Blind women deserve to be loved and treated just like any other women. No one should ever look down on them just because of their disability. It is not like they had a choice to have that condition.

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