Radio shaping the awareness of the Blind People

It goes without saying that radio is an important mean for information and entertainment for everybody. For a blind person, Radio represents something special and basic aspect of his / her life. There is a kind of agreement between a blind person and the radio. As we all know, radio presents its content depending solely on the receiver’s sense of hearing and imagination. Unlike TV offering the content taking into consideration the eye of the viewer which sometimes disconnects the blind follower, radio creates this strong bond between the blind listener and the content because he / she can’t miss any part. For example, radio enabled the blind listener to follow his / her favorite team and sport games more efficiently than watching it on TV because the description is more comprehensive and more accurate.
Navigating radio stations is one of the favorite ways by which a blind person interacts with his / her radio. Even with technology development and offering the radio stations through satellites and the internet, it is still attractive for a blind listener to explore new stations all over the world.
For a very long time, radio was the first source of news and knowledge. Before the talking and the Braille watches, a blind person used to know the time by relating it to a certain program broadcasted on a specific radio station. Nowadays, the blind listener is able to take more in interactive role in shaping the performance of the radio shows specially those which require the opinions of the radio listener using the social media networks, SMS, or phone calls.
With technology, some blind radio users took their experience a step forward to start their online broadcasting. Some blind individuals own their online internet radios.
You see? Radio is a totally different experience for the individuals with visual disability.


One thought on “Radio shaping the awareness of the Blind People

  1. I do enjoy listening to the radio. By listening to the radio, I feel that I am on an equal ground as everyone else that is listening. They do not have an advantage of observing what is going on. As a visually impaired person, I actually feel that I have a slight advantage. I am used to relying on my hearing where as the sighted person is less reliant on their hearing.

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