How does a blind use computer?

Many people wonder the possibility of a blind person to use computer. Believe it or not that blind people are well-informed about technology trends and some of them are early adaptors of it. In fact, computer turned the lives of the blind 360 degrees. It opened all door widely before them to take more effective part in the society. It greatly contributed towards empowering the blind individuals socially, educationally, and professionally. With the assistance of the computer, a blind now can read and surf the internet, use the chat and social media websites and applications. More professional fields are now available for the blind because of the help of the computer. Since the invention of the “screen readers” which allows the users with visual impairment to use the computer independently, our lives have changed dramatically. Screen readers are software that is responsible for reading the content of the computer screen. This technology opened doors to an accessible world for the people with visual impairment. It began with the use of hardware synthesizers to read the DOS screens, later, with the invention of windows, and the technology of internal sound cards,

The screen reader is just software that is easily installed on a normal computer. The basic idea is that the software reads what is shown on the screen. A refreshable electronic Braille display is another alternative for reading the content of the screen. Instead of the mouse, the keyboard is used to input data. Unfortunately, most commercial screen readers are very expensive for a blind person to get except with a help of an association or an agency. For this reason, an open source screen reader like NVDA witnessed a great success among blind users who found it the best solution to avoid the high prices of the commercial ones.

You can know more about NVDA through NVDA website.


One thought on “How does a blind use computer?

  1. Screen readers have made a huge difference in my life. They have made life way more easier. Can’t wait until they come out with screen readers that are able to read unaccessible websites that uses graphics.

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