Applying makeup: is it really possible?

Many people wonder how a blind woman can put makeup. It is  even difficult for a sighted person to manage this,  it needs an extra  concentration and attention. In addition, it can’t be done without looking at  the mirror to make sure that things are going well. A blind woman is like any  other woman, she wants to be beautiful, she wants to be attractive, and she  needs to be seen as a different woman by her special one. I am aware of this  fact although those of you who know me in person, they know that I don’t put  makeup. It is just my weird attitude in life that I want to be as real as  possible lol. There is a difference between to choose not to do something, and  to not be able to do it because others told you that you are disabled and you  can’t do it.

I couldn’t find more interesting article about this topic  than an article entitled applying makeup.   The writer explains in detail how she applies makeup. What I  really liked about this article that it is presented to us from a blind woman perspective.  so for me, it is more real and authentic than anything else. Let me quote one  of the interesting points she made in her post, “Even some blind people can’t  fathom the idea. There is a blind woman I know who has her husband go around  shopping with her, and he puts on her make-up before work every morning. I  don’t think it is fair to your partner, just because he is sighted to take advantage  of him, making him into your personal stylist.”
In fact, there are complete courses offered to the blind women  to teach them how to apply makeup using their sense of touch. Vision Aware, one  of the best resources when it comes to blindness topics, gives some valuable  advice about the best techniques used for applying makeup with vision loss  through an article entitled Makeup Application After Vision Loss.
So yeah, blind women are able to apply makeup and become more  beautiful too.


3 thoughts on “Applying makeup: is it really possible?

  1. Very interesting article. Blind or not, I believe that a woman does not need to wear makeup to look beautiful or attractive. A woman looks beautiful and attractive without makeup in my opinion. What’s better than looking natural? I heard (but unsure if it is true or not) that makeup makes you look old in the long-term. The chemicals in the makeup impact you in the long run.

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