To dream or not to dream, that is the question

My lovely author William Shakespeare, Could you please allow me to borrow your famous quote “to be or not to be, that is the question?” I may need to edit it a bit to serve another purpose here though.

Hey my readers, how are you today? How is it going with your dreams? Are the dreams sweet? Are they inspiring? Are they terrible? Perhaps you are like me, you feel too tired to dream. You put your head on your pillow until next morning.

Many psychologists give a great attention to this part of the sleep cycle that any human being experience almost on daily basis. They say that if you don’t dream, this means that you don’t pass through the different stages of your sleep cycle which may affect negatively your daily performance. Again, I am not a psychologist but what I am sure about is that every human being on this earth dreams, has the ability to dream, or he / she used to dream. So why a blind person cannot dream!

You can’t imagine how often I have been asked this question in my life. I am sure that it has been asked thousand times to my blind friends, (does a blind person dream? If so, how is that? What does a blind person see in his / her dream while he / she can’t see in real life?)

What a strange perception especially when it comes from highly educated people!

As far as I know, psychologists and psychiatrist consider dreams are a reflection of our real world: our wishes, our fears, our aspirations, our desires, or our daily activities. They also say that dreams are a mental or an intellectual activity, actually it is not a sight related one so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Anyway, yes of course, blind individuals like all people on this earth dream. Since they can’t see in reality, they can’t see in their dreams. Since they can feel their surroundings, they can hear what is going on around them, so this exactly what happens to them when they dream. For example, if a blind person dreams that he / she is on a train, he / she can’t see the train but definitely he / she can hear the voices of the passenger, the noise of the train etc.

Upon that, I hope that to dream or not to dream is not a question any longer and I wish you all happy dreams!


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