Sighted People are Always Right

At customer service, they teach the agent that the customer is always right; the customer should be happy; the customer should be satisfied.  I sometimes think sighted people impose this idea on people who are blind. We, sighted people, are always right. You, blind person, don’t know about your capabilities more than we do. You are always the cause of the problem if there is. You are always the one to be blamed. We, sighted people, never do anything wrong.

I want to share those stories with you to know what I am talking about.

There was this blind lady who was having lunch with a sighted friend. The sighted friend spilled her juice on the table. It sometimes happens, and nothing is wrong with it. Somebody ran to clean everything and stuff like that. After this, the waiter brought another glass of juice, he put it in front of the blind lady and he put her hand on it thinking that she is the one who spilled it. Yeah, of course, he couldn’t imagine that the sighted person who did it.

At work, one day I put an ad online; when my CEO saw it, he called me and said “o, there is something wrong with your stuff, you definitely did something wrong with the format.” “I really didn’t do anything wrong.” I replied. We had to seek for a third party to help us. He called my colleague to see what I did. She came to rescue me. She explained that she saw the ads and they are not like the way they were shown on his screen and he is the one who has something wrong with his tiny screen.

One day, I was trying to explain to a lady which train she should take to go to her destination, then another person came and gave her a wrong direction. Of course, she thought that she is more informed than I do. Yeah, she can see; she can understand the directions and the trains; she can’t be wrong. You can’t imagine how funny it is when somebody asks you “do you know where you are? Do you know which stop are you getting off?” I wish if I tell them (you know what? I really don’t know, I am just taking a tour on the train lol)

I am not saying that blind people don’t make mistakes or they don’t need any help what so ever. I just meant that they can still be reliable sources of information. They are not the only people who can spill their stuff. Why do we always put the blame on them because they are blind. Why don’t we ask ourselves “do we do the same thing? Can this happen for us too?”


One thought on “Sighted People are Always Right

  1. imagine working in a place for more than twelve years, and sighted coleagues would tell me do u know? We r in the third floor, as if i do not köw wiere my office is

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