Blind child and Leisure time

The childhood days are the best ever in any person’s life, no commitment, no responsibilities, no complicated thoughts. I still remember those days when I was a child and play in everything and with everything. I still remember when my leg was broken because I decided to be an adult lady by wearing my mom’s high heel shoes or when I used to play with my nice lovely cat with a small bill in her neck.  O! How terrific those days were!

Those nice memories brought an important question to my attention. How can a blind child spend his / her leisure time? Is it something different from what we usually do with our normal sighted children?

Definitely childhood period is as an important for a blind child as it is for the sighted one. Parents should encourage their children to discover their talents and hobbies in order to develop and improve them. Improving and developing those hobbies will enhance the level of confidence and independence for your blind child.

In fact, you don’t need so much adaptation for your blind child to enjoy his / her leisure activities.

Let us talk about some of the nice things that you could do for your child.

  • Playing music – It is one of the very common hobbies among blind people specially if the child has the talent and his / her parents supported that. You may buy your child a small piano, flute or violin to practice his / her hobbies.
  • Singing – it is also a nice hobby so why you don’t find your child a center or a place in which children practice and learn singing.
  • Creating shapes using clay – it is a wonderful tool to familiarize your child with different shapes and it also maximizes using his / her tactile sense. When I was at school, I used to make a big mess using clay sometimes 🙂
  • Playing with Lego and building blocks – it is actually my favorite; I like to play with it even until now. I am this terrible aunt who sometimes pretends that she wants to play with her niece with Lego then she ends up taking all of them and plays with them. . Lego is very important especially if the child has some sight, it will teach him / her how to match the colors and create different shapes.
  • Beep balls – for those of you who don’t know the beep ball, it is another form of baseball for the blind. Blind individual usually start playing this when they are teenagers.
  • Reading – It goes without saying that reading can form your child’s intellectual abilities. Try to figure out if your child prefers to listen to books through audio players or perhaps through large print or Braille. I personally recommend large print or brail because it will develop the style of writing and spelling for your blind child.
  • Domino and cards – a blind child can play the normal domino by touching and counting the wholes that exist in each one. In addition, you may use Braille or large print cards to play with your visually impaired or blind child.

Those were some of the simple, accessible, available tools and games which can enable your blind child to enjoy his / her leisure time. You also can Think about other ways and let us know. Let’s play now!


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