Organizing your refrigerator

You are just back from the store carrying plastic bags or a big heavy pack bag full of all different kinds of food and beverages. You want to place each item safely in its place in the refrigerator. At the same time, you need each item to be accessible and reachable for usage to make this delicious meal of yours. You also got some fresh or frozen items to be left in the freezer; things that most probably will lose their shape after some time inside it.

Hmmm! this means that we need more organization for our stuff in the refrigerator. Below some techniques that could be helpful although you may need to adjust them according to the space available to you.
• Use a consistent system in organizing the frozen items in the freezer. For example, if you can use 2 shelves, place the vegetables and bread in one shelf, and put the different kinds of meat in another shelf.
• If you have a limited space in the freezer, you still need to organize your stuff in a systematic way. For example, place the red meat, then chickens, then fish then vegetables or vice versa. You should try to find a logical order that is relevant to you to be able to remember it later.
• It is safer if you try to put the glass jars or bottles in the drawer of the refrigerator but in case that the design doesn’t help in that, you should make sure that the glass jars are not at the very front on the shelves. This may lead to breaking them if you try to get something forgetting that you have glass jars in front of you.
• Don’t ever keep anything open in the refrigerator; you should always make sure that containers are well-covered to avoid spilling stuff.
• Most probably you will be able to differentiate the containers according to their shapes, you may need to label them in Braille or draw a clear visible mark if you are visually impaired to recognize them quickly. If you don’t have a Braille labeler, at least you can put a sticker on the similar bottles to differentiate them. For example, you have similar juice bottles one for mango and the other for orange, in this case, put a sticker on one of them to differentiate it from the other one.
• As mentioned before, you still need to organize your refrigerator in a logical order to be able to locate your stuff. For example, you may categorize food into fruits, vegetables, dairy, beverages etc to be easy to remember
• Ask your partner in case he or she uses the refrigerator to put everything back in the exact location to avoid missing up the order.
Those are some basic helpful techniques that can make your life much easier and more independent and efficient in using your refrigerator. Please share yours with us so that we can exchange those useful techniques for an easier life.


2 thoughts on “Organizing your refrigerator

  1. thanks a lot Shimaa
    it is very helpful and soled a lot of problems I am facing in putting things in the fridge
    iwas thinking of buying new fridge but this helped a lot

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