A Message To Some Of My Blind Friends

We sometimes blame the sighted people; we always have some issues about the way they treat us with. Sighted people are unfair, they don’t communicate well with us, they are sometimes ignorant or even they don’t care. I think you are right to some extent, but let us speak up and admit to ourselves and to them that we also have some issues that don’t encourage them to be closer or to understand us. We build those high walls and put barriers in front of them to prevent them reaching this level of healthy communication we both wish for. At the end of the day, those sighted people are not coming from another planet; they are our relatives, friends, classmates, coworkers, or our life partners whom we love.

Some sighted people complained to me and to others about the aggressive reaction they get back if they try to offer help to a blind person walking down a street or something. Why do we do that? Why we convey a message to them that we are not friendly and aggressive? If you don’t need help, you simply thank the person politely and that’s it! You don’t need to give him or her tough lectures about your confidence and abilities. Why do you insult a person just because he / she kindly thought of you and wished to be with you for some time? I myself can’t find any justification for such a violent and arrogant attitude that some of us adopt.

Some blind people keep yelling if they hit a door or trip on something on their way. If this happens in front of a sighted person, they feel more embarrassed and upset about it. Of course such a situation is so embarrassing for everybody. This doesn’t mean that you keep yelling at everybody even if they don’t have any relation with what happened to you. Be confident, believe me even sighted people face those situations. Don’t be ashamed or take it so hard on yourself because everybody has an issue. You may find sighted people who have another disability; you may come across a normal person but he or she suffers from a certain disease. You may meet a healthy person but he / she is encountering many economic or social problems that depress him / her. . The only reality is that nobody is perfect in this world.

Head shaking, extra movements, touching everything and everybody with or without a valid reason are kinds of behavior that should be stopped right now!

I cannot tell you how disgusting it is to me to meet blind people who do those things. I feel they are so distracting to me, I can’t follow their conversations, and I even want to leave them. If we really want to be treated normally, we should try to behave like normal people. I think families should take extra care of such issues for the sake of their children and relatives.


4 thoughts on “A Message To Some Of My Blind Friends

  1. I am totally agree, the blind has to do his/ her best to show that he/ she is a normal person, family also has to play an important role to improve this idea and make it a reality.

  2. Shaimaa, your post is so educational and interesting, I feel every one, both sighted and visually impaired, should read these. Keep writing… you have a style…

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