A Job Down The Street

In New York, there are many restaurants, many places for leisure activities, easy transportation, and very high competition to find a job. Guess what! I found a job offered to me! I got this job that I didn’t even look for. Strange huh? Some people offer you a job without knowing you in New York city? Yeah not only 1 person, imagine? I got this job offer without sending resumes or going for interviews. The job even didn’t need so many qualifications. It required only one thing – just to be blind! I am sure that many of my blind friends are offered this job before even without asking.

The job is simple, just stand in a busy street and open your hands LOL! It is said that it is sometimes well-paying job especially if you have an advantage to be blind for example.

Yesterday, I was waiting for a friend to come to pick me from the subway station in order to go to meet other friends for dinner. While waiting for him, somebody put money in my hand. Of course I gave it back saying “thank you I don’t need that.” he took it back and he said, “you don’t want it?” I felt he was like what a dare! How come you say no! 😀 I wished to ask him how much I worth a dollar? Quarter? Perhaps more?

It happened before more than one time with me here in New York. I figured out that I am not the only person who experienced this. For those of you who already know me in person, I think they know that I don’t behave or dress weird or something but anyway.

Continuing with the idea of built assumptions, it is also common especially in big cities to find blind people ask for financial help from others. Many sighted people also do it, right? This does not mean that any sighted person waiting for a train or a bus receive such a title or is offered such job. So why do some people assume that a blind person needs that as long as he is only blind but standing for a reason or another and he does not show any sign that he or she may need such help.

I am sorry if there are really people in our societies have to experience such conditions which can lead them to beg and ask for financial help on the street whether they are blind or sighted people but still it shouldn’t be a general attitude. I also know that those who offer such help have good intention but this attitude should be changed.

Let me tell you this funny story. A blind friend of mine gut used to give a homeless guy some change from time to time. One day, that friend was in a hurry to go to work, he didn’t have time to shave or even to take a shower. He only washed his face and put on his clothes to run to work. On his way, my friend met this homeless guy and that guy asked him “Sir, do you want a quarter?” 😀

With this funny story, I say goodbye and can’t wait for your comments or suggestions!


2 thoughts on “A Job Down The Street

  1. really shimaa
    You have ur own deep philosophic style in seeing life and others
    I like these ideas you helped me to see things from different views

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