Blind Individuals Encountering Sleep Issues

One day, I had this discussion with 2 of my blind friends about the sleep problems that some blind people have, and the difficulty they encounter when they try to adjust to a certain time difference. Imagine how it is painful and torturous thing when you have a kind of disorder in your sleep pattern. All of us know how this can affect our performance and concentration on our work as professionals, or our studies as students. I decided to ask more about the problem and Google it to see if it is a real or it is nothing more than a discussion between me and my friends.
Surprisingly, I found more than one article and more than one study tackled this issue. In addition to many things a blind person need to cope with in life is this sleep problem. Studies show that some of the completely blind individuals or who don’t have any light perception suffer from a kind of sleep disorder called circadian rhythm disorder. When a normal person gets exposed to light during daytime and darkness at night, the body produces melatonin which stabilizes our normal sleep patterns. Lacking this normal production of melatonin can badly affect the biological clock of the blind who may suffer from sleep problem.

I am actually not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but I found interesting articles tackling this topic so I like to share them with you. Perhaps they can give you more elaboration about what i am trying to say. Sleep Disorders in Blind People is an interesting and easy article, I really recommend you read it.

For those of you who are more interested about the medical aspect of the issue, I also found this more specialized article Sleep Disorders in Blind Patients: News From the Lab, for the Clinic

I don’t want you to understand that all blind people have this problem although it seems that it is some how common. This is also what the studies showed. I just want to share this, it may be important for somebody and of course it is still relevant to the challenges that some blind individuals have to cope with in life.


5 thoughts on “Blind Individuals Encountering Sleep Issues

  1. hi again. thanks for the topic. i think also, the phychological state for a person greatly affect her/his sleep patern, for a blind person, if he/she is suffering from a depression or having a bad day as they say, sometimes it is more difficult for that person to go out and about or change her/his mod. iam one of those person, so i revert to sleep instead. i think i sleep too much 🙂 hope to fix that really 🙂

  2. Hi Shaimaa,

    My name is Heather Briddick and I’m a Content Strategist with Siren Interactive, a digital agency focused on understanding the behaviors of patients and physicians dealing with rare diseases. I’m currently doing research in order to gain a deeper understanding of how blind individuals cope with Non-24 sleep wake syndrome and how they navigate the web overall. I came across your blog post on the topic, and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and discuss further. Please let me know if you’d be interested in the near future. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



    • Hello Heather,
      I am glad that you stopped by my blog and hopefully you found it useful. Sure, I would be happy to help you as possible as I can and it would be good to have a further discussion about the topic perhaps from a patient perspective. Hopefully, our blind readers can contribute more to help us find a good treatment or an accurate explanation for the problem.
      I would be happy if you follow the posts, it may give you more ideas about life from a blind point of view.

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