Establishing Communication with the Blind Baby

Eye contact, facial expressions, and body language play a vital role in the communication between a baby and his mother. In fact, they are so essential in the growth and development phases that the child go through.  But what would be the situation if a baby lacks this essential tool in establishing communication? Let us agree on something, we are dealing with an exceptional situation that needs the mother’s understanding and creativity. Communication with your baby may be really challenging if you don’t give yourself the time and effort to find the best ways to establish this successful connection between you and your blind baby.

The mother may misunderstand the different ways that a blind baby attempts to use to communicate with her. So how does a blind baby communicate?

It is always good to remember that your baby is only blind. He/she can still use his / her senses more effectively to communicate. The more you help him / her maximize the use of his / her other senses, the more confident and independent he / she will be throughout his / her life.

Blind babies establish the physical contact with the mother using other senses such as: the sense of hearing and touch to communicate effectively.

a blind baby may not turn his / her head when he / she hears the voice of his / her mother, but most probably he / she will turn his ear towards the direction of the voice.  This is the way by which this baby expresses his attention.

Massaging and light tickling are some of the ways by which a mother could build a good communication with her blind child

One of the important things that have to be taken into consideration is that the mother should not make any sudden movement or any high sudden sounds.  She has to approach him / her smoothly and quietly. Please note that a sighted child may know that his mother is in the room because he sees her before she talks to him / her.

Another point to be mentioned is that a sighted baby may be attracted to strangers because of the colors they wear or through their smiles; however, meeting strangers for a blind baby may be a bit uncomfortable because he or she is introduced to an unfamiliar voices or smells. The mother should not push her blind baby to communicate with strangers. She should introduce her blind child to strangers slowly

The baby should hear the stranger’s voices while being with his mother, then the stranger should try to start the physical contact with the child gradually. Then the mother can slowly give the child to this stranger in order to establish             a successful communication.


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