Yes correct! It is the time to speak up!

“I wish if people treat me as any other normal person.” “I wish if I can get others’ appreciation and respect without the gestures or words of pity and sympathy.” “I wish if others can see beyond the fact that I am blind person.” “Each individual should understand that nobody is perfect and everyone faces various challenges on different levels.”

Listening to those words and experiencing what they convey almost on daily basis stopped me and let me think. Why do we still have those concerns despite the great success achieved by many blind individuals? Why is this bitterness that the blind person feels from time to time despite the tremendous technological progress that empowered him / her much more than before? Why do he / she still lacks confidence despite the various laws and acts that secure his / her right and enable him / her to live an equal life?

If this is the case, why don’t we speak up? Why don’t we share our challenges, dreams, or activities? Perhaps somebody lives in the other part of the world has a solution for one of those problems that we suffer from? Why don’t we speak up about our successful stories to give others a hinter a direction to follow? Why don’t we speak up and address the whole community around us and say hey we are here! We are a vital part of the society, we  can bear several professional, social, and educational duties and perform them efficiently and precisely?

So the whole idea of this blog is to speak up and to express ourselves without limits or boundaries about what motivates us, what hinders us, what we like, what we don’t like, how do we do this or that?

I will be happy to receive any suggested topics or comments that in reach the discussion and makes the blog more relevant to everybody.

Before I leave you, Please think positively because positive thinking is your key to success.


4 thoughts on “Yes correct! It is the time to speak up!

  1. i’m to happy to reach this blog. it is important to share our experiences to help each other. but the most important is to find a stratigy to change the image of blind people in societies. i don’t know if this might happen, or this image will remain all life

  2. i think Sherine that this blog can help in doing this
    i suggest to to make this blog speaks about stories of success and how blind people inspired others
    shimaa i liked your topics and this sheerful spirit that flyies between the lines of your posts
    great idea and keep on

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